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We have more than 12+ years experience in paying guest services. Managed by a trained team. We are committed to provide best in class services.

Yaana Divya Owner.jpeg

Divya Prasad

Managing Director


This is an exciting time for you as you discover the endless opportunities and services awaiting you here at YAANA.


YAANA Living is a vibrant and inclusive community where you can peacefully live and create friendships that will last a lifetime.


YAANA Living is a one of a kind paying guest accommodation exclusively for women located off New BEL Road. We provide full-fledged accommodation services for working women as well as students.

Vision & Values

  • Providing accommodation that is priced to cater to different preferences, needs and budgets.

  • Provide high quality services in a safe, secure, friendly, clean and customer focused environment.

  • Providing opportunities to mingle with other residents and to conduct social/cultural activities to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • Providing utmost care and pastoral support to make our residents feel at home.

  • Providing accurate information about the various amenities and services that we offer.

  • Creating a fun filled and vibrant accommodation facility.

Yaana Living !! Change your Home

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